lots of print-outs

I have done S*** loads of print-out’s it feels like over the past day and today. But, i finally feel organised, up till tonight when the meeting takes place and the attendees probably will piss my organisation up the wall and cause chaos haha, i am not joking though.

anyhow, I have done as much as I personally can do, till tonight. I WAS going to the committee room earlier this afternoon to try and organise my info on to the computer there, I have it all set up on my memory stick however at least; all in files waiting to be uploaded. As well as to see if there are any more correspondence in the mailing pitch/shelf I have, for tonight, but looks like I will have to just wing it a little bit and go there a bit early before we start and set myself up then. At least like I said, I have all my print-out paperwork. Even got my minutes from last month for the poor chairman bless him. He isn’t very good at computers, so I just print the agenda and the previous minutes out for him instead, I could use the committee printer but at least I am able to claim cash back on my receipts of printer ink. The ink is already running low from last year. It would be fully out if I hadn’t been so cost saving and try as much to do thing’s digitally minded. But some things, you have to print out unfortunately. I guess the paper we will never run out of as my partner dad accidently bought a crate load years ago and its an never ending supply lol (obviously it *WILL end but not for a long time).

So I am all prepped and ready, even noted down a little bit of setup in my minute book of who I know won’t be attending and I know I will be attending.

Love my supplies of sticky notes and paper clips, they are life.



not surprised

So I am totally not surprised I haven’t kept this blog up to date.

However hay-ho, never mind. I believe this is my like beta blog of ideas. I think I have probably reset this a bazillion of times, but I DO stick to some blogs! I promise, my other blog which I’m not 100% sure I have this tagged on here anywhere, but my other wordpress blog has been going since … 2015?? I’m not sure, around the time I was learning to drive as its all about my anxiety levels of driving and learning etc my experiences of driving on the road for the first time and thereafter. My journey’s on train travelling up and down the country back and forth to parents and my partner which is now where I live down south woo! Also just random crap as well of thoughts and opinions. It’s mainly life experience and journey’s.

I don’t blog often but when I do, I tend to upload content on there really as it’s more life orientated..

SO…. this leaves me with this blog…. I don’t want to delete it as I like to have a bit of a dumping ground for creativity and stuff.

I’m currently learning French! I have always wanted to learn a new language, and I go to France the most now with it being over the pond from where I live as we have a sailboat its  like our “Abroad destination” for us.

I used to always want to learn spanish when I was younger as thats where my family and I used to travel always to, somewhere in spain.

My high school French teacher was a pure joke and he never taught us anything really. Other than hello goodbye and informal hi and bye. That’s literally all I EVER learnt.

Don’t get me wrong, the class didn’t help either… but hay, I have huge resentment I try to not build up at my high school/the whole education system and how it failed me as someone who wanted to learn but it was just too shit to teach …

Anyway! Moving on, I really hope I can learn myself French. Going to make some notes up for study notes. Then when I feel like I am ready, I will be taking a little “mini test”

=D It will be fun!

Rest of may!

So I have been major busy with life to update as regularly as I had intended, But it’s not too bad, better late than never!

The boat has been out for nearly two weeks now and we have got SO much done on it. We are technically ready to go back in now if needs be but wanting to do the top side polish first and general clean up inside boat as well as removing pesky owl crap!

At least the weather has been nice enough, probably a bit too hot whilst we was working on the boat over bank holiday period. I remembered to keep plenty of suncream on and drank plenty of water and juice.

I will try and post again soon, just not sure when!! It will be on a Thursday though !

May 1/4 edition

So bare with me as currently sat in the car (as a passenger of course! Safety first) whilst I am typing this blog.

My first edition out of 4 for May for my journal to blog. Just a little peek of my little drawings and writing in the journal.c56bc59a-39f3-4b01-ae76-28d43100abfc

This little sail boat dinghy pic is referring to this coming weekend! Get to play in our new / old dinghy we bought recently! The boyf is taking me out to play in it. YAY!

The sad face at the end wasn’t too devastating, it just meant pay day today, but then paying bills & savings the same day.. URGH! Adulting -.-







My fave pic’s in my little journal page is the paw prints and animal (I had a doggy in mind). I Love the little paw prints and my animals legs / waggly tail.

We have a thing called Plan A at my workplace and it’s basically all about the environment and helping charity’s etc. Part of our charity this month is a rescue place for animals. So in June I think it is, there is a volunteering day to paint a shed basically and I was put forward before I put myself forward because I like to draw and am pretty okay at it I guess. Love drawing animals anyhow, so yeah I am well excited!! Hoping the sunshine is out. ☀️

Rambling about organising my journalling book pages.

So i really want to get into happy journalling again! Like handwritten but combining it with little drawings as well. 😬 so I have gone a bit “technical?” And i have a journal but it has like about 6 sections all together of booklets stitched into it. 1st one is mainly of doodles etc random stuff. So i have like 4 blanks back to front inc left. Used 1 double sided for “so far in may”

But i am hoping to use the rest of May in here. Hoping it will be enough. It may just mean having to cut it down a lot of my thoughts which is good. And i also only want to capture the positive things anyhow in here. I will write down everything in my momento phone journal.

So 4 blanks = 2 pages.

Meaning from today till next week =1 blank

17-24= 2 blanks as alot is happening within them days.

And 24-31 = 1 blank. Sorted. This works in my head, if you don’t understand what on earth I am blogging about then don’t worry you will see over the next few weeks -hopefully!

Okay enough rambling and on with the cute pics! Which let’s face it is what you all really wanted to see. (I have a lot of “!”’s)

New chapter on my blog yet again…

😭Okay so i never really got anywhere with my art stuff but that’s only because I don’t have the right tablet yet to do so. So maybe one day when I have enough pennies and more enthusiasm I will come back to it.

The new chapter of my blog will be basically back to basics. Stationary/journalling etc and some rambling’s. (I am THE best at rambling!)

I am going to try and write happy journals from now till the end of the year in my beautiful brown leather journal in my beautiful pink lamy fountain pen.

I love writing in it and drawing in it etc. I have some sailing adventures and holidays coming up so hoping to capture that on there and then on here as well!

So my actual leather journal looks divine.


I don’t really use the pencil that much. Possibly going to keep my lamy there instead.. but it doesn’t look as authentic then… but idk yet.








I always remember my LGI Doctor having a bright yellow safari lamy fountain pen, I clocked it on his desk once when I went to visit for an appointment. I was super excited but had to contain my weird pen obsession excitement till I got home, can’t remember who I told, probably numerous of people haha.


A random golden cocker spaniel, commissioned by a lady off facebook. I asked for £2 for digital, but she ended up paying £5 bless her heart and soul.



The cocker spaniel is the recent one I have drawn, based off my (my parents mainly) cocky cocker spaniel casper! The other two are based off my friends cat who passed away recently bless (r.i.p) and the border collie beauty is based off my baby Marley (male, everyone assumes he is female..) (he is mine and the bf’s doggy ❤ which we live with his parents still but he is ours)

Need to do one of my (again my parents) maizi moo springer spaniel to be honest as she is queen bee 👸🏽.

Dog art

These are un-commissioned drawings I have drawn. Some are slightly different style to others as I was trying things out.

New beginnings!

So, not updated in AGES! I don’t really get time to sketch and paint hardly no more since moving to the boyfriends parents. Mainly due to just not having space, unless I want to sit downstairs but I like having my own little space (which was my desk up at parents) but no desk now, only downstairs middle room table.

Anyhow! I still want to keep the journal active, and I don’t want to really start over completely removing my last stuff what I have already wrote and posted etc.

The plan is; I am off to just keep everything as it is, change my “about me page, and change maybe the url and username slightly (nothing major) keep similar theme of arty stuff. But i think i will go digital art instead!

I have been playing around with drawing on my ipad digital artwork. Won’t go into to much detail on here as I will only end up repeating it on the new “about me” page.

Hopefully I will retain my followers and maybe get new ones as well!