A random golden cocker spaniel, commissioned by a lady off facebook. I asked for £2 for digital, but she ended up paying £5 bless her heart and soul.



The cocker spaniel is the recent one I have drawn, based off my (my parents mainly) cocky cocker spaniel casper! The other two are based off my friends cat who passed away recently bless (r.i.p) and the border collie beauty is based off my baby Marley (male, everyone assumes he is female..) (he is mine and the bf’s doggy ❤ which we live with his parents still but he is ours) 

Need to do one of my (again my parents) maizi moo springer spaniel to be honest as she is queen bee 👸🏽. 

Dog art

These are un-commissioned drawings I have drawn. Some are slightly different style to others as I was trying things out. 

New beginnings!

So, not updated in AGES! I don’t really get time to sketch and paint hardly no more since moving to the boyfriends parents. Mainly due to just not having space, unless I want to sit downstairs but I like having my own little space (which was my desk up at parents) but no desk now, only downstairs middle room table.

Anyhow! I still want to keep the journal active, and I don’t want to really start over completely removing my last stuff what I have already wrote and posted etc.

The plan is; I am off to just keep everything as it is, change my “about me page, and change maybe the url and username slightly (nothing major) keep similar theme of arty stuff. But i think i will go digital art instead! 

I have been playing around with drawing on my ipad digital artwork. Won’t go into to much detail on here as I will only end up repeating it on the new “about me” page. 

Hopefully I will retain my followers and maybe get new ones as well! 

Respect the sea…

On a bit of a roll tonight in updating blog posts. This will be my last post for the evening promise! 

I was watching a documentry on netflix about a 12 year old dutch girl who skipped last two years of school to pursue her dream of sailing the world. After the media scowled at her and the court cases, she won and was successful. She managed to complete her journey. Love documentry films and programmes. Also my boyfriend has a yellow sailing boat, which I also love! I like to “man the tiller”.

As always though, one must always remember the sea rules and the sea is the boss. Respect the sea. 🌊