February LgL

Finally finished my selective hand picked prompts out of the February challenge list. This is focused around love, joy and all things happiness.


Love all animals, especially my own! The flowers all have a reasoning behind them. Daisies as I rememeber watching my sister and cousins when I was little making daisy chains when we all went to my nan and grandads on a sunday. Bleeding hearts because I love hearts, daffidols, reminds me when we picked them at my nan and grandads with cousins for mothers day. And the sunflower always faces the direction of the sun, and I love when it is a warm day, even if i do end up sitting in the shade, still like to sit outside in summer.

So there is an on-going “battle” of sorts between me and the boyfriend, he once said I was a princess when we first started dating, he forgot, and now claims he never said that and jokingly calls me a peasant, to which I always respond “I’m a princess!” Its a little on-going jokey battle.   
I get way over excited about presents! Specially big ones, my eyes light up!


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