New beginnings!

So, not updated in AGES! I don’t really get time to sketch and paint hardly no more since moving to the boyfriends parents. Mainly due to just not having space, unless I want to sit downstairs but I like having my own little space (which was my desk up at parents) but no desk now, only downstairs middle room table.

Anyhow! I still want to keep the journal active, and I don’t want to really start over completely removing my last stuff what I have already wrote and posted etc.

The plan is; I am off to just keep everything as it is, change my “about me page, and change maybe the url and username slightly (nothing major) keep similar theme of arty stuff. But i think i will go digital art instead!

I have been playing around with drawing on my ipad digital artwork. Won’t go into to much detail on here as I will only end up repeating it on the new “about me” page.

Hopefully I will retain my followers and maybe get new ones as well!


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