May 1/4 edition

So bare with me as currently sat in the car (as a passenger of course! Safety first) whilst I am typing this blog.

My first edition out of 4 for May for my journal to blog. Just a little peek of my little drawings and writing in the journal.c56bc59a-39f3-4b01-ae76-28d43100abfc

This little sail boat dinghy pic is referring to this coming weekend! Get to play in our new / old dinghy we bought recently! The boyf is taking me out to play in it. YAY!

The sad face at the end wasn’t too devastating, it just meant pay day today, but then paying bills & savings the same day.. URGH! Adulting -.-







My fave pic’s in my little journal page is the paw prints and animal (I had a doggy in mind). I Love the little paw prints and my animals legs / waggly tail.

We have a thing called Plan A at my workplace and it’s basically all about the environment and helping charity’s etc. Part of our charity this month is a rescue place for animals. So in June I think it is, there is a volunteering day to paint a shed basically and I was put forward before I put myself forward because I like to draw and am pretty okay at it I guess. Love drawing animals anyhow, so yeah I am well excited!! Hoping the sunshine is out. ☀️


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