New chapter on my blog yet again…

😭Okay so i never really got anywhere with my art stuff but that’s only because I don’t have the right tablet yet to do so. So maybe one day when I have enough pennies and more enthusiasm I will come back to it.

The new chapter of my blog will be basically back to basics. Stationary/journalling etc and some rambling’s. (I am THE best at rambling!)

I am going to try and write happy journals from now till the end of the year in my beautiful brown leather journal in my beautiful pink lamy fountain pen.

I love writing in it and drawing in it etc. I have some sailing adventures and holidays coming up so hoping to capture that on there and then on here as well!

So my actual leather journal looks divine.


I don’t really use the pencil that much. Possibly going to keep my lamy there instead.. but it doesn’t look as authentic then… but idk yet.








I always remember my LGI Doctor having a bright yellow safari lamy fountain pen, I clocked it on his desk once when I went to visit for an appointment. I was super excited but had to contain my weird pen obsession excitement till I got home, can’t remember who I told, probably numerous of people haha.


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