Rambling about organising my journalling book pages.

So i really want to get into happy journalling again! Like handwritten but combining it with little drawings as well. 😬 so I have gone a bit “technical?” And i have a journal but it has like about 6 sections all together of booklets stitched into it. 1st one is mainly of doodles etc random stuff. So i have like 4 blanks back to front inc left. Used 1 double sided for “so far in may”

But i am hoping to use the rest of May in here. Hoping it will be enough. It may just mean having to cut it down a lot of my thoughts which is good. And i also only want to capture the positive things anyhow in here. I will write down everything in my momento phone journal.

So 4 blanks = 2 pages.

Meaning from today till next week =1 blank

17-24= 2 blanks as alot is happening within them days.

And 24-31 = 1 blank. Sorted. This works in my head, if you don’t understand what on earth I am blogging about then don’t worry you will see over the next few weeks -hopefully!

Okay enough rambling and on with the cute pics! Which let’s face it is what you all really wanted to see. (I have a lot of “!”’s)


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