About me & my blog

Hi !

I have recently been getting into digital artwork and wanting to try selling my stuff as a full jpg. digital format. 

As I am only new to this style of work, I sell cheap (ranged from £2-5) depending if it has been commissioned specifically or just randomly picked from what I have already drawn. (Paypal only)

I can do printed stuff but it would mean costing bit more obviously with it being printed.

OR! You can just sit back, relax, chill out and just enjoy the pics I update (and maybe like and comment too which is always nice and makes me smile ☺)  

Hope you enjoy! Thanks x

I only draw dogs, and sometimes cats for commissioned stuff. 

I am hoping to build up my skills (and confidence) in drawing wildlife animals like foxes, deers, whales, seals, elephants etc at some point in the near future, but we will see… 

Happy browsing for pleasure! or if you wanna buy then let me know  via; 


Or if you haven’t got Facebook then add a comment and I am sure we can work something out ! It is PayPal only though 😬. 


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