Like a phoenix

So I have finally coloured in my phoenix bird creature I sketched last year! Then I edited it a little bit to highlight the colours well and put a border around it! Pretty impressed with it if i do say so myself. Love working with orange, reds and yellow in my drawings.  

February LgL

Finally finished my selective hand picked prompts out of the February challenge list. This is focused around love, joy and all things happiness.  


Love all animals, especially my own! The flowers all have a reasoning behind them. Daisies as I rememeber watching my sister and cousins when I was little making daisy chains when we all went to my nan and grandads on a sunday. Bleeding hearts because I love hearts, daffidols, reminds me when we picked them at my nan and grandads with cousins for mothers day. And the sunflower always faces the direction of the sun, and I love when it is a warm day, even if i do end up sitting in the shade, still like to sit outside in summer.

So there is an on-going “battle” of sorts between me and the boyfriend, he once said I was a princess when we first started dating, he forgot, and now claims he never said that and jokingly calls me a peasant, to which I always respond “I’m a princess!” Its a little on-going jokey battle.    
I get way over excited about presents! Specially big ones, my eyes light up! 

Aquarius anime girl

I recently finished my “horoscope collection” of anime girls. I won’t post them all up at once because it will be a super long post, and if I post them up one after another it will take me ages, plus I don’t want to spam anyones blog reader feeds! 

So this is Jan/Feb 

Aquarius girl anime.
 Before editing  
After editing;


Throwback thursday

So, I was randomly flipping through my old a3 size pad and came across this anime girl pic I drew in pastel, originally it was a pencil sketch years before I drew this which was years ago still now. (Gosh that made me sound old! Only 25!) Anyway, I loved this anime drawing, hence why I probably drew it for that second time in colour. I thought I would edit her once more, but on my photo editor app this time. 

I think she looks magical!  



So, two pen doodles in a row! I have been meaning to do a little doodle drawing of isabelle for so long now! She is super cute and fun! My fave acnl character (like a lot of people’s I presume!) 

I think she is a spaniel personally, don’t know why, i just think she is. Possibly cocker or springer, but cockers are known to be super friendly so maybe a cocker. This is just my theory mind you! 



Messed up a bit on the eyes wanted the white to be bit bigger but never mind! This is baby ever ! A little fountain pen doodle.  

I like drawing little pen outlined doodles of characters. Thry are super fun and simple, also quick and easy to keep yourself amused and the art and craft flowing I guess. So it’s all good. 

2015 review

My apologies for the quality of the video, my first time ever shooting a long flip-through video.  Got all messed up turning the pages and keeping steady hand etc haha!

Anyhow, my 2015 art year in review! 

I have a life art journal of personal celebrations and events, but that’s too personal to share over the internet I think, so will have to do with this general art year review instead. Enjoy! (Hopefully!) 

2016 listersgottalist !

So new year new set of challenges!

January is all about goal setting and achieving new things, also a time to reflect on last year! 

These are a few of the challenges I handpicked out of the selection from Januarys prompts for the Lgl challenge. 


Christmas theme

 So pic of the cat, as mentioned previous post, is a friends cat. I just re-edited it to make it more christmas themed as these sketches are from my art year journal, where I draw themed pics of celebration holidays, like mothers day easter april fools etc. I have like a few pages left to sketch and they are all off to be christmas themed the rest of them. So I thought why not draw pics of the most common house pet which is like extended family as such. The pic of the dog, is just a random but cute  dog on a advert from facebook. Looked way too cute and i have a friend who loves greyhounds and whippets. So I thought why not? 

Anyhow, I have a few more pages left to sketch over the holidays before I finish with the yearly art journal. I will hopefully post a quick flip through video, depending on quality of it all! Exciting times! (Hopefully)